We are the leading fabricators and manufacturer of fiber glass mosquito net for window. Fiber glass net is manufactured using highest quality fiber glass yarn using sophisticated technology. Our Fiber mesh is more durable than regular plastic mosquito net. Few Characteristics of Fiber mosquito nets are, it is strong, allowing sunlight to pass through by filtering the UV rays, fire resistance, tear resistance and resistant to deform.

Various Methods
  • Velcro Type Mosquito Net for Windows
  • Mosquito Net for Window – Door Type
  • Roll up mosquito net for Windows


These doors have a small opening on the right side to enable as to open and close the lock of the grill door. A main door with grill helps to secure your house from burglars. It prevents young children from jumping out of the window, and it can add beauty and elegance to the home. Some window grills are combined with a mosquito net or insect screen. These combined grills are becoming more popular among homeowners in Chennai. Buying a grill door that has a mosquito screen will save you time and cost. You will not need to shop for an insect screen separately. A combined grill and screen will save money since you could purchase both at a discount from the same supplier or manufacturer. In this article, we will be discussing some of the most important factors to consider when you want to choose a window grill with a mosquito net.

Choose the grill and mosquito net that will provide you with the best security and safety at the least possible cost. A more secure home will help you to prevent unnecessary losses to burglars and it will also provide some other insurance benefits and add to the value of your home.


Joynets’s mosquito nets for doors in Chennai, the nets are of stainless steel mesh and the frames are made of grade indolium otherwise…

  • Long lasting
  • Washable
  • Double layered
  • Traps medium sized insects


Sliding Mosquito nets are essentially aluminum sliding windows with a mosquito net.These are retractable screens which can be employed as mosquito screen doors in order to prevent insects from entering the house or office. These are also called as rolling mosquito net or sliding mosquito net for windows or simply as mosquito net screens. Such sliding mosquito doors are not only easy to use but also bestow a sophisticated look to your interiors.

Sliding Mosquito nets for doors and windows Sturdy framed powder coated protection from pests and sun control, Sliding screens such as sliding window screens, sliding door screens are ideal for French doors and large openings. Space saving allows you to use the free space for other purposes. Track profiles guide the smooth operation. Sliding fly screens can accommodate two, three, four or more panel meshes that can be replaced many times without the need for a new framework. Usually, sliding door & window screens can be cleaned as and when required.


Best suited fitment at places where you need the option of making the fitment disappear! Pleated Mosquito Nets fitment option is an elegant and aesthetic model that will aid the interiors. The sliding pleated mosquito nets could be opened and it rests in a 2-6 inch aluminum frame that it almost disappears. You could close the mesh only when you need mosquito protection and when closed it still allows the breeze to flow in and light to shine into the room without any obstruction.


Our expert team can provide you the screening solution for the most complicated areas like Sit-out, Balcony, etc. without compromising in ambiance and convenience of the area. Customized Screens are Elegant, Highly Durable and can be customized as per the needs of the clients. Joy nets Balcony shades are made of superior range of strong vinyl-coated polyester which is designed to cut off up to 80% heat and 95% UV Radiation.


Customized to a Balcony:

  • Complete seal around the Balcony using custom made Balcony Covers
  • Sturdy to suite everyday use and giving Privacy
  • Custom Designed Screens to blend with the Area